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Spike Robot (removed)
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Spike Robots was a service robot found in ARC-Site 48 in SCP: Unity. They were removed in Version 0.7.6.


Spike Robots are service robots designed to carry out tasks within ARC-Site 48. They feature a rectangular body with a glowing interface towards the front. The robot is quadrupedal, featuring several balancing legs connecting to either end of the body. The robot is additionally equipped with a claw attached to the top of its forward-facing side, which it uses to carry out its tasks. They are constructed by Lotus Robotics, and bear this organization's branding


Spike Robots could be found inactive in several rooms throughout the Light Containment Zone. While their lights are on, they are not active. All Spike Robots currently found in the game feature a red coloration.


  • All Spike Robots were white in coloration in version 0.6.5.
  • The design of the Spike Robots is based off of the real life SpotMini robots developed by Boston Dynamics.
  • All Spike Robots were inactive, however this was planned to change in the future before their removal.
  • The reason for their removal or if they will return is unknown.