Security Office

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Security Office
SecurityOffice 2.png
Light Containment Zone
Administering keycards, controlling security systems

The Security Office is a room in the Light Containment Zone located on Sublevel 1.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Security Office is a room divided into three areas. The first area and the one closest to the entrance is a small area with a workstation as well as a keycard locked door leading to the rest of the room. The second area is a cluttered area situated behind the keycard-locked door with multiple work stations, a monitor which the player can use and several lockers which contain a Medical Hypo and the SCP-131 keycard. The third area is behind an unlocked door in the second area that contains a cluttered table and a bed. A large window is on the wall separating the second and third area.

The keycard to the room can be found in the Skyroom.

The monitor in the room can be used to control aspects of the Tesla Gates, which by default only includes the ability to unlock the offices next to the gate. However, if the player has obtained the Security Admin Passcodes, the monitor can also be used to disable tesla gates entirely or put them into the manual override mode.

The Admin Passcode can be found in Secure Storage SL3-A.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • All keys such as passcodes and keycards currently in the game are in some way related to the Security Office. Due to the ability to control tesla gates and by providing the SCP-131 keycard, the room also provides solutions to the game's 2 current roamers, being SCP-106 and SCP-173 respectively.

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