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Secure Storage SL3-A
Secure Storage 2 2.png
Light Containment Zone
Containing SCPs

Secure Storage SL3-A is a joint containment chamber in the Light Containment Zone in SCP: Unity


Secure Storage SL3-A is a containment chamber that houses the following SCPs:

There are a few empty containment areas that may house new SCPs in the future. In addition, a scientist in a hazmat suit can be found dead in the center of the chamber, where they appear to have been murdered by a crowbar, forced consumption of SCP-1079, or both.

In the back area of this room, and office area can be found. Walking near this will trigger a radio message requesting admin passcodes and identification from whoever is supposed to be at that workstation. The desk can be investigated to discover a sticky note with the security admin passcode on it. After looking at this note, SCP-106 will emerge from nearby and begin to chase the player


  • Prior to Version 0.7.0, wandering around the back area of the room would trigger a special SCP-106 encounter that played a different chase theme. Now, the encounter occurs when taking the admin passcode, and no unique music plays.
  • Prior to Version 0.7.0, this room had a unique music theme and ambience.