SCP: Unity Wiki

SCP-999 is a orange amorphous mass of orange slime, measuring 1 meter in height, SCP-999 weighs 50 pounds, SCP-999 can not talk, But it will make a cooing noise, SCP-999 bounces around when giving it SCP-207, SCP-999 is not contained in a cell, But could be found in SCP-173's containment chamber, SCP-999 is a Safe class SCP, When exposed to SCP-131, The two will hang out. When exposed to other SCPs, it will hug them and calm them down, when in contact, or near SCP-999 will make the person, or thing its hugging, or near, therefor making the thing, or person, feel 'Happy'

SCP-999 Is rarely in its cell, due to the fact it is allowed to roam around the site it is held in for the month. Besides a bed time of 7:00 PM To 8:00 PM


Prolonged contact with SCP-999 Is proven to cure Depression, PSTD, ETC.