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SCP-983 is a safe class SCP in SCP: Unity. It was added in version 0.5.8.


SCP-983 is a vintage mechanical monkey with a faded date located on the bottom of the left foot, placing its manufacture at some point in the 1940s by an unknown person or company. The monkey is dressed in the remains of what used to be a popular vest design for circus ringmasters. In the monkey’s left hand, there is a lightly tarnished brass bell. In the right hand, the monkey holds a small brass striking rod. The monkey is capable of emitting speech and sound, although examination of the object has revealed no seams, screws, or openings that would indicate a method of disassembly.

SCP-983 is completely harmless and inert under most circumstances and may be handled without special precautions so long as the handler is not experiencing the 24-hour period considered the anniversary of their birth. Once SCP-983 physically comes into contact with an individual on their birthday, it will spring to life and do a single back flip before raising its bell and singing a simple song.


This single verse will be followed by the monkey striking its bell producing a tone that varies in pitch from quite high to rather low. SCP-983’s singing was found to vary slightly in pitch as well but maintained a very excited and happy tone.

SCP-983 will sing this song once every three to four seconds, pausing only to ring its bell, until the new owner has died or met the sing-along requirements, which as of yet are not completely understood but are believed to be based in timing the sing-along properly with SCP-983.

Each verse sung by SCP-983 appears to age the ‘owner’ of the item by what is estimated at one year. By singing along with SCP-983, the ‘owner’ may deactivate the monkey which, once done successfully, results in a triumphant declaration of ’BIRTHDAY!’ from SCP-983, at which time it will ring its bell once and produce a single gumdrop-style candy from the bell.


SCP-983 is found in Archival Storage SL1-A. Upon approaching it, it will stand up, do a back flip, and then sit back down. It will then proceed to sing:

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear (unintelligible), happy birthday to you! A-RING DING DING, It's your birthday!"

It will then repeat this constantly, whilst the screen and environment are darkened with the exception of SCP-983's eyes and teeth. SCP-983's voice will also become more and more distorted.

While SCP-983 sings, the player will receive several messages at the bottom of the screen while the event progresses and if they try to leave before it completes:

Event Message
After the first cycle completes: You feel the urge to hum along with the monkey's song...
When the fourth cycle begins: Did you always feel this old?
When the fifth cycle begins: So...cold...
If the player tries to leave while SCP-983 is singing: Something is keeping you from leaving...
If the player tries to leave without eating SCP-983's candy: That candy looks so enticing...

After 3 cycles, the option to click SCP-983 becomes available. When he completes a cycle, he will drop a candy that when consumed reverses the effects of his singing. He will also stop singing at this point. If he is allowed to sing for 5 complete cycles, the player will be met with death.

The candy can be one of two types. If the player clicks SCP-983 as soon as the option becomes available, they will receive a normal candy that reverses the effects of SCP-983 and provides minor healing, and can be eaten three times. However, if the player clicks SCP-983 at 5 cycles, they will receive a glowing candy that, when consumed, reverses the effects of SCP-983 and heals a larger amount of health, and can be eaten four times.


  • Prior to release, SCP-983 was kept highly secret, only being teased in the slightest in the info section on the game's official discord and in the SCP list on this wiki.
  • SCP-983 was located in the Skyroom Cafeteria/Lounge for Version 0.5.8.
  • SCP-983 was voiced by Corvus.
  • SCP-983 is activated by the player's approach, suggesting that the containment breach occurs on the player's birthday.