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SCP-914 is a safe class SCP in SCP: Unity. It was added in version 0.5.5.


SCP-914 is a large clockwork device weighing several tons and covering an area of eighteen square meters, consisting of screw drives, belts, pulleys, gears, springs and other clockwork. It is incredibly complex, consisting of over eight million moving parts comprised mostly of tin and copper, with some wooden and cloth items observed. Observation and probing have showed no electronic assemblies or any form of power other than the “Mainspring” under the “Selection Panel”. Two large booths 3mx2.1mx2.1m (10ftx7ftx7ft) are connected via copper tubes to the main body of SCP-914, labeled “Intake” and “Output”. Between them is a copper panel with a large knob with a small arrow attached. The words Rough, Coarse, 1:1, Fine, and Very Fine are positioned at points around the knob. Below the knob is a large “key” that winds the “mainspring”.

When an object is placed in the Intake Booth, a door slides shut, and a small bell sounds. If the knob is turned to any position and the key wound up, SCP-914 will “refine” the object in the booth. No energy is lost in the process, and the object appears to be in stasis until the Output Booth door is opened. Intense observation and testing have not shown how SCP-914 accomplishes this, and no test object has ever been observed inside SCP-914 during the “refining” process. The process takes between five and ten minutes, depending on the size of the object being refined.


SCP-914 is found in its containment chamber. It has several capabilities, most notably creating argon, which is needed to release SCP-1762. A concise and detailed list of conversions will be present here when there are enough recipes to make it worthwhile.

Healing items can be placed into SCP-914 to improve their quality, from a Bandage to a Large Bandage, then to a Medical Hypo or Strong Hypo.


  • SCP-914 will be able to refine other non-item SCPs in the future, including SCP-173.
  • Prior to version 0.5.8, SCP-914 used a different model identical to the one used in SCP: Containment Breach.