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SCP-714 is a safe class SCP item in SCP: Unity. It was added in Version 0.5.5.


Seemingly nothing more than a green jade ring, SCP-714 has been shown to be able to expand and contract to perfectly fit the finger of anyone who touches it, though this is the least important of its properties. SCP-714 only changes size when touched by a 'new' subject.

SCP-714 has several major effects, detailed as follows;

1) Exhaustion, Compulsion to Rest/Sleep

Within minutes of putting on SCP-714, wearers report feeling worn out - physically and mentally exhausted. Due to this, they will feel driven to "sit down and rest for a bit" on the nearest available furniture, and will likely fall asleep within the space of a few hours. If someone falls asleep wearing SCP-714, the only known means of waking them is to remove SCP-714, at which point they may be roused by anything that would normally wake them up. Exhaustion effects pass within two or three hours of removing SCP-714 if removed from a conscious subject; those that fall asleep wearing SCP-714 report feeling well-rested if SCP-714 is removed, even if they slept for only a few minutes.

2) Slowed Reactions, Sluggish Movement

Subjects suffer from severely impaired reaction times; a normally sharp, alert and physically fit subject can have a hard time catching a slow-moving object thrown to them, even if warned and given ample time to prepare. Anyone wearing SCP-714 should not be allowed to operate any heavy machinery or other vehicles under any circumstances.

Wearers of SCP-714 move much slower than normal, managing an average walking pace at best. Their movements are not physically slower, but they are incapable of exerting themselves.

3) Reduced Mental Capacity

Seemingly as part of the mental fatigue, anyone wearing SCP-714 claims that they 'think slowly', or may even have trouble finding the words to adequately communicate that they cannot think as clearly as normal. The wearer may take a long time to think of an answer to a trivial question (eg; "What colour is this red ball?"), never mind one that is vague or requires a more complicated response.

With removal of SCP-714, mental capacity is restored to normal within a few minutes.

4) Mental 'Shield'

As a dubious "benefit" of seemingly reduced mental capacity, wearers of SCP-714 show abnormally high resilience to memetic and mental influences, particularly commands or immediate effects. Weaker memetic influences may be totally nullified by this. In both cases, the wearer feels a strong and instinctive fear of the source of the influence; this fear drives them to immediately seek 'shelter' by any means available, potentially by attempting to destroy the source. This 'shielding' lasts only for as long as SCP-714 is worn.

They are still at significant risk if exposed to any memetic influences that do not take immediate effect. Exposure to such influences should be handled as normal for the source in question, as the degree of 'protection' afforded by SCP-714 has yet to be fully documented.

In addition, 'normal' images and sounds that would cause revulsion, nausea, etc. simply due to shocking or disturbing content have next to no effect on the wearer of SCP-714. The wearer will not even recall seeing them once SCP-714 is removed. Mundane persuasion (such as motivational speeches) has no effect, regardless of the speaker's skill and charisma.

5) Chemical Tolerance

Just as their minds block memetic influences, the bodies of SCP-714 wearers slows and nullifies the effects of various chemicals on the body. Fully poisonous or toxic substances are generally not hindered, but those that specifically impede or enhance neural and/or nervous functions in some way (such as stimulants or sedatives) have very diminished effects. With the removal of SCP-714, this nullification effect expires instantly. Wearers may still suffer from standard overdose effects whilst wearing SCP-714.


SCP-714 can be found in its containment chamber. The ring can easily be acquired once the cell is located. Upon equipping SCP-714, a black hue will form around the edges of the player's view, tinged with some green. Over time, this effect will become more apparent. In addition, outside sounds will be muffled, except for the ambiance caused by wearing SCP-714.

When wearing SCP-714, the player's sprint will gradually slow down before the ability to sprint is disabled entirely. During this time, the player's stamina capacity will also fall. Eventually, the player will fall into a coma and die. Despite these negative effects. SCP-714 still manages to garner some use. However, due to the removal of SCP-012 in Version 0.5.8, SCP-714 is currently useless and only a means to die. In the future, SCP-714 will be capable of extinguishing or diminishing the threat of a wide variety of hazards.


  • Prior to version 0.5.7, SCP-714's effects, both visually and functionally, were less apparent, with sprinting never being disabled and visuals amounting to a simple green tint.