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SCP-650 Containment Chamber
SCP-650 Containment.png
Light Containment Zone
Containing SCP-650

SCP-650 Containment Chamber is a containment chamber in the Light Containment Zone in SCP: Unity.


The containment cell is a room found in Sublevel 2 of the Light Containment Zone. The containment cell houses SCP-650 along with two rooms next to it. The room on the right possesses a door to the cell itself, which is locked. This room also has SCP-650's label. The room on the left has a workstation, SCP-650's document and an observation window. Upon entering this observation room, the player is immediately introduced to SCP-650, who will then begin following the player.


  • This is the only room in the game where SCP-650 takes a neutral pose.
  • Prior to the introduction of SCP-650, this room was an empty testing chamber that did not have any purpose besides being a unique room.