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SCP-650, or "The Startling Statue" is a euclid class SCP in SCP: Unity. It was added in version 0.5.7.


SCP-650 is a black statue of a stylized humanoid 167cm tall. The statue does not possess hands or facial features: the limbs taper off into rounded points and the head is a smooth surface all around. The default posture while under observation has the statue reaching upwards, head tilted as if facing the sky. Composition of the statue is currently undetermined; materials testing has yielded inconclusive and contradictory results.

If the statue is not being observed, it will relocate itself to a point immediately behind whomever is in the containment site and assume a threatening posture. No noise is made during this relocation process, so the precise method of locomotion is as of yet unknown. The relocation point and posture are typically close enough to induce an automatic fight-or-flight response in the observer once they turn around and see it.

However, it should be noted that the SCP has not yet shown any signs of active aggression or hostility. Based on trial responses that varied the amount of time between breaking and re-establishing line-of-sight, its purpose does not seem to be to attack but merely to startle. The reason for this is unknown, and no further research is pending to determine its motives.

While the primary method appears to be triggering a startled reaction via close proximity, the SCP has also shown varied other postures in the presence of observers who have become used to its effects. In the cases of these observers, the statue has assumed other postures a comfortable distance away, including reclining on a table, "sitting" on a chair, and in one instance, huddled in a corner as if terrified. Given that the observers who reported these postures also mentioned that they were left feeling uneasy, it is theorized that this may simply be a secondary method of generating reactions.


SCP-650 is first encountered in its containment chamber. It is completely optional to encounter it, and doing so will likely not affect the game as a whole. Upon encountering it, SCP-650 will enter an active teleportation state, rapidly teleporting behind the player, each time making a threatening pose. This active state will last for a few minutes. Once this active state ends, SCP-650 will enter a low-activity state, where it begins teleporting behind the player much less frequently. In this lower activity state, SCP-650 is much less likely to linger, usually disappearing at the moment a player looks away. It may later enter an active state again should the player survive long enough.


  • SCP-650 does not yet enter the state of making uneasy poses rather than threatening ones. This may or may not be added in the future.
  • In the future, SCP-650 may be more or less active depending on what zone the player is in.
  • SCP-650 was originally considered, and planned to be implemented in SCP: Containment Breach. However after long inactivity on the project, and lack of morale by community members, it was presumably canceled. This event has likely influenced the implementation of SCP-650 into SCP: Unity.