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SCP-330 or "Take Only Two" is a safe class SCP in SCP: Unity. It was added in version 0.5.5.


SCP-330 appears to be a small round stainless steel bowl filled with a variable amount of individually wrapped pieces of candy. Taped to the side of the bowl is a handwritten note, reading “take no more than two, please!!” Attempts to remove the note have met with failure, as have attempts to hide or obscure it. Testers have noted finding it impossible to avoid reading the note, and those who approach it from an opposite angle are aware of this request.

When a quantity of candy greater than two pieces is removed, regardless of the means involved, the offender instantly has both hands severed at the wrists by an unknown method. Tests involving remote manipulation by Class D personnel resulted in the operator’s hands being removed despite no direct contact. Inspection of the incision reveals that the cut is made at a molecular level, leaving no tool marks or identifying factors. It is to be noted that the third piece must be removed within a certain timeframe. After 24 hours, the count “resets”, and additional candy can be removed.


SCP-330 is located within Archival Storage SL1-A. When the player walks up to SCP-330 they are able to grab candy out of it. If the player takes more than 2 pieces their hands will be instantaneously slashed off, which in turn makes the player bleed out. The player is not able to check their inventory or open any doors after this interaction. They will quickly die from blood loss.

SCP-330's candies are edible and will heal the player slightly. They can be made into more effective healing items with SCP-914, but can also be made into dangerous consumables.


  • SCP-330 was the first SCP added to SCP: Unity that had not been seen in any SCP game prior to its introduction.
  • In the future, the sequence of losing your hands will be updated to include the FPS hands.