SCP-3199, or "Humans, Refuted", is an upcoming SCP in SCP: Unity that will be added in an as of yet unannounced update.


SCP-3199 is a sentient humanoid species of a currently unknown biological origin, though tissue samples suggest traces of domestic chicken and chimpanzee DNA. Instances of SCP-3199 are hairless, stained with a thin layer of albumin, and stand at an average of 2.9 meters. Weight averages 780 kg for a matured instance, and 360 kg for a hatchling. The necks of SCP-3199 appear dislocated, and are capable of twisting approximately 340°, presumably due to the nature of SCP-3199's reproductive cycle.

SCP-3199 are opportunistic hunters, engaging with live subjects within a radius of 0.6 kilometers surrounding hatchlings that have not yet reached full adolescence. Average speed is recorded at 25 km/h. Upon contact with human or animal subjects, SCP-3199 will proceed to [REDACTED], liquefying internal organs and bone structure. The cadaver is then transported to the young and utilized as a form of nourishment.

Instances of SCP-3199 have been observed producing large eggs of an off-white coloration and rubbery appearance. These eggs pass through the entity's stomach, esophagus and eventually out via the mouth, followed by a viscous red substance. SCP-3199 shows extreme distress throughout the process, with personnel describing the sound as 'not dissimilar to a scream'.

Presumably due to a biologically ingrained method of avoiding extinction, SCP-3199 produces its eggs to fill available space. This anomalous property currently has no known limit, and as a result may pose an LK-Class species transmutation scenario. Termination of SCP-3199 can be performed with relative ease. However, a complete eradication is currently difficult, as all instances of SCP-3199 (regardless of age) carry one egg inside their stomach, ensuring survival for at least one member of their species at all times.


SCP-3199 is not currently in-game.

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