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SCP-247, or "A Harmless Kitten", is an upcoming SCP in SCP: Unity that will be added in an as of yet unannounced update.

Description[edit | edit source]

SCP-247 is a Bengal tiger which, to all observers, appears to be a harmless cat with an orange-and-black striped coat resembling that of a tiger.

Remote feeds and still photos also show this illusion, although it is unknown whether the photo itself is affected or merely the observer. SCP-247's true nature has been confirmed by analysis of weight, water displacement, and dental moulds made from bite marks.

It is unknown exactly how SCP-247 generates this illusion. There are two components to the illusion: first, a memetic effect that changes the perceived image of SCP-247 to that of a kitten, and second, a psychic component which radiates outward from the subject. Any sentient being within this field comes under the impression that SCP-247 is completely harmless, regardless of prior knowledge or experience. Individuals in this field also show extreme reluctance to harm or allow others to harm SCP-247, even while being actively harmed by the subject. This psychic field can be blocked with SCP-148, or avoided by striking from well outside its effective range. The memetic effect is not blocked by SCP-148; as of yet, no one has been able to see SCP-247 as anything but a small striped cat.

Typically SCP-247 will begin to purr or mew when approached by a human. The human will remark that this is adorable, and approach to pet the subject (this has been observed even in persons who strongly dislike cats). SCP-247 has been known to accept affection from its victims for upwards of seven minutes before disemboweling and devouring them.

In-game[edit | edit source]

SCP-247 is not currently in-game.