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SCP-207, or "Cola Bottles" is a safe class SCP item in SCP: Unity. It was added in Version 0.5.8.


SCP-207 refers to a crate containing 24 Coca-Cola brand cola drinks. The bottles are designated SCP-207-A to -X. SCP-207-B is currently the active bottle for testing, and no other bottles are to be opened without authorisation from two Level 4 researchers. All bottles have been clearly labelled to aid identification. The liquid held inside these has been confirmed to be identical across all of SCP-207, and should not be ingested outside of supervised testing. The liquid has been classified as SCP-207-1, and is to be treated as a Class 2 chemical hazard. SCP-207-1 does not appear to alter with age; however, the active testing bottle should have its protective cover kept on outside of removing liquid for testing.

Mass spectroscopy and chemical tests have shown higher than usual concentrations of caffeine and sugars (both natural and artificial), along with [REDACTED]. The practical effect of this is when a subject drinks SCP-207-1, they will effectively no longer require sleep or rest, nor attempt to sleep or rest. This effect is not lessened by any soporific or medication yet tested on test subjects. However, only a quantity larger than five (5) millilitres will cause this effect. The reason for this lower boundary existing has not been found, although it is hypothesised by Dr. C█████ that [REDACTED]. As such, unless authorised by two Level 3 researchers, only five (5) millilitres of SCP-207-1 is to be used for testing. Amounts higher than this have shown no difference in effect, with the exception of the Subject SCP-207 was recovered from.

In addition to removing the need for rest, SCP-207-1 also causes an increase in motor, reaction, and psychological functions. The increase is linear in progression, with an estimated 50% increase (measured by standard medical protocols, +/-5%) every 6 hours. The practical application of ingestion is that the subject is able to think, react, and move faster than others who have not ingested SCP-207-1. Mental proficiencies show the IQ of the subject to rise in line with other increases.

However, SCP-207-1 does not alter the body of affected subjects. Physiology remains unchanged, and as such, can rarely support the increase in activity. No subjects have lasted longer than 48 hours during testing, with the cause of death varying from massive internal organ failure to exsanguination due to major artery ruptures. Subjects also begin to show stress after roughly 24 hours, usually making each movement extremely carefully, in order to avoid accidents. Tests SCP-207-Alpha and -Rho have shown that after approximately 24 hours, the increases caused by SCP-207-1 mean subjects can easily underestimate their speed. Most specifically, in test SCP-207-Rho, the subject was able to escape the containment area, despite a five (5) metre wall. However, this caused the test subject's internal bone structure [DATA EXPUNGED].


SCP-207 is located in its containment chamber as well as Expansion Zone SL3-A. It is found in a locker with 2 doors, of which 1 is unlocked. There are 14 instances in-game, however only 2 of these are accessible to the player. Upon right clicking SCP-207 within the player's inventory and selecting use, the player will drink the liquid within it. This action does not consume SCP-207. Drinking SCP-207 will apply a speed boost to the player, as well as heal them and add a saturating filter to the screen. This effect is temporary, eventually wearing off. The effect can stack twice before the game warns the player that drinking more could have consequences. Ignoring this warning will result in the player's death.

Use of SCP-207 will result in the following messages.

Event Message
After drinking twice: You feel like drinking any more would be a bad idea...
When the second drink wears off: You feel SCP-207 wear off slightly...
When the first drink wears off: You feel like SCP-207 has worn off completely...


  • In the future, drinking SCP-207 will likely be permanent, and the number of drinks resulting in instant death will be much higher. However, drinking SCP-207 too much will also start a timer until death, which gets shorter the more the player drinks
  • Additional visual effects will be added to SCP-207.
  • SCP-207 was originally located in Archival Storage SL1-A in some weekly patron exclusive builds before it was moved to its current location.