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SCP-2058, or "Smith Jim", is an upcoming SCP in SCP: Unity that will be added in an as of yet unannounced version.

Description[edit | edit source]

SCP-2058 is a bipedal humanoid robot 2.7 meters tall, weighing 424 kg, constructed from high-strength polymer impregnated with carbon nanotubes and interlaced with reinforced fibers and epoxy. Speakers beneath its "face" produce a high pitched, heavily distorted voice of indeterminate sex.

SCP-2058 contains a retractable chest cavity containing a bowl-shaped opening 11 cm in diameter. It autonomously seeks out small objects and places them into the opening. When its chest cavity is pressed back in place, a sheath of galvanized steel comes down over the bowl, at which point the object vanishes. The means by which SCP-2058 disposes of objects placed within its chest cavity cannot be determined.

Additionally, SCP-2058 offers "life advice" in the form of incoherent, often belligerent or criminal, suggestions in exchange for any small metallic object. Content of these suggestions often involve sensitive information relating to Foundation personnel it has come into contact with. "Advice" delivered in this fashion becomes more personalized with each suggestion offered, indicating SCP-2058 gauges the reaction of the individual and adjusts further responses as a result.

SCP-2058 has shown a tendency to steal objects discreetly. When confronted, SCP-2058 denies the theft or attempted theft, demonstrating a clear attempt at subterfuge. Regular inspections of SCP-2058's containment chambers have recovered several items stolen from personnel. In one instance, SCP-2058 was observed placing several metallic objects, including jewelry and nails, into its chest cavity. In this instance, none of the stolen items were recovered.

In-game[edit | edit source]

SCP-2058 is not currently in-game