SCP-1960-J, or "Stone Sphere", is an upcoming joke SCP in SCP: Unity that will be added in an as of yet unannounced update.


SCP-1960-J is a free-floating sphere made of white stone which moves in a continuous circular path, despite lacking any visible means of support or propulsion. In addition to its unusual movements, SCP-1960-J exhibits a number of other anomalous properties:

  • SCP-1960-J appears to absorb and/or suppress sound. Personnel in close proximity to SCP-1960-J have reported being unable to hear any external noises.
  • From a distance, SCP-1960-J is a nearly uniform bright white, but darkens appreciably as it is approached. It appears dark gray from close range.
  • SCP-1960-J exhibits spontaneous, extreme variations in temperature despite possessing no apparent internal heat source. Its temperature has been observed to vary between -200°C and 120°C with no corresponding change in its structure or behavior.
  • Even when SCP-1960-J's temperature is within the range that humans find comfortable, unprotected contact with SCP-1960-J is uniformly fatal. Living beings that touch it asphyxiate and die almost instantly, and only heavy-duty full environmental suits have been observed to prevent this effect.
  • It draws nearby objects, including living beings, towards it as if exhibiting a compulsive effect. The strength of this compulsion increases as one nears SCP-1960-J, reaching a maximum strength of 1.62m/s^2 at a range of zero. Objects have been observed striking SCP-1960-J with sufficient force to completely destroy them, leaving SCP-1960-J essentially unharmed.
  • SCP-1960-J is currently at a safe distance from the Foundation headquarters, but Foundation scientists have suggested that a significant change in SCP-1960-J's regular circular motion could constitute an XK-class end-of-the-world scenario.


SCP-1960-J is not currently in-game


  • It may be possible to access SCP-1960-J by utilizing SCP-120.
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