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SCP-120, or "Teleporting Paddling Pool", is an upcoming SCP in SCP: Unity that will be added in an as of yet unannounced update.


SCP-120 appears to be a small child’s paddling pool, pastel pink in colouration, with an inner diameter of approximately 2.5 metres and inner height of 0.3 metres. The pool appears to have been fabricated from common Earth plastics but has shown itself to be indestructible by any attempted means. The pool’s structure and response to pressure are typical for such a pool but has amazing tensile strength and cannot be permanently stretched or ripped.

What is contained within the pool seems to be a brightly glowing, coloured, liquid-like substance, which seems to exist only partially in our dimension. It is unresponsive to manipulation by organic or inorganic means, but the substance ripples and shimmers systematically and regularly, suggesting it exists physically on another dimension.

SCP-120’s most interesting and useful property is used regularly by Foundation personnel. Human beings, when alive and carrying loads under 37.8 kilograms, are observed to fall through the pool, and are deposited at one of 11 destinations.

The item will only function in this way if certain conditions are met: the subject must be genetically human; the subject must be conscious; the subject must be carrying weights of under the specified amount; and only one subject must be present on the surface.


SCP-120 is not currently in-game


  • Utilizing SCP-120 will be able to kill the player, however also presents the possibility of alternative escape methods.