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SCP-1176, or "Mellified Man" is a euclid class SCP in SCP: Unity. It was added in version 0.7.0.


SCP-1176 is the mummified corpse of a human male, presumed to have been approximately 35 years of age at the time of death. Severe tissue degradation has made DNA examination of SCP-1176 impossible; based on contextual evidence, SCP-1176 is assumed to have been of Arabian ancestry and to have died in the 10th-11th century AD. SCP-1176 is clinically dead and does not display any indications of respiration, circulation, or metabolism. SCP-1176's brain, which is largely intact in spite of general tissue degradation, exhibits a constant level of electrical activity consistent with stage 3 non-rapid eye movement sleep.

In the place of all bodily fluids that would be found in a living human being, SCP-1176 contains a fluid of viscous consistency and golden color, designated SCP-1176-1. Testing of SCP-1176-1 has found it to be chemically identical to clover honey produced by the Anatolian honey bee. SCP-1176-1 is exuded from SCP-1176's pores at a variable rate depending on environmental conditions. When kept fully or mostly submerged, as it typically is when stored within its sarcophagus, rate of SCP-1176-1 production is approximately 0.2 liters per hour. When it is not submerged, production increases exponentially over time. The quantity of SCP-1176-1 contained within SCP-1176 itself has not been documented to increase or decrease at any time, regardless of the rate of production.

SCP-1176-1 has been determined to be edible by human beings possessing an AB+ blood type, and possesses properties consistent with a highly concentrated nutritional supplement. A dose of SCP-1176-1 15 ml in volume contains approximately 2500 kcal and significant quantities of essential vitamins and nutrients, making it highly effective as an emergency ration or staple foodstuff. Tests conducted on D-Class personnel indicate that SCP-1176-1 consumption by compatible persons is effective in preventing physical sensations of hunger for 14-18 hours after consumption and bears no long-term side effects.

Persons of a non-AB+ blood type, upon consuming any amount of SCP-1176-1 greater than 0.5 ml, begin exhibiting symptoms of a severe allergic reaction within four to ten hours of consumption. Acute hemolysis, followed by renal failure and death, has occurred in 98.7% of all tests where an incompatible person was fed SCP-1176-1. Symptoms of SCP-1176-1 consumption among incompatible test subjects are consistent with symptoms of persons given blood transfusions of a type incompatible with their body chemistry.


SCP-1176 is found in its containment chamber. If the player looks at the faucet on the bottom edge of SCP-1176, they will be given the option to "ingest". If the player clicks the faucet, it will spill out honey, otherwise known as SCP-1176-1, and the player will drink some. The effects which follow vary depending on how many times the player has ingested SCP-1176-1, though health boosts and a golden glow around the screen consistently occur at the beginning of the effect's duration.

The following events occur when ingesting SCP-1176-1:

Event Result Message
Ingesting once: The player's max health will be increased to 125. Every 45 seconds, the player will heal slightly. This continues for 10 minutes. N/A
Trying to ingest while already experiencing effects of SCP-1176-1: Nothing will occur Any more would be a bad idea...
Ingesting twice: The player's max health will be increased to 125. Every 45 seconds, the player will heal slightly. This continues for 10 minutes. N/A
Ingesting thrice: The player's max health will be increased to 115. Every 60 seconds, the player will heal slightly. This continues for 10 minutes. When this time ends, the player will throw up and take damage. N/A
6 minutes after ingesting thrice: Golden glow around the screen fades to a dark shade. Not feeling too good...
9 minutes after ingesting thrice: Golden glow returns briefly before the effect leaves within a minute. Feels like I'm going to be sick...
Ingesting four times: The player's max health will be increased to 115 briefly. Shortly following this, the player will throw up and take damage. N/A
Attempting to ingest a fifth time: Nothing will occur No way in hell.


  • SCP-1176 was kept secret prior to release. It was by far the most well kept secret of all the previous secret SCPs, in part due to no hints being given.
  • The fact that the player can safely ingest SCP-1176-1 indicates that the Protagonist has an AB+ blood type.