SCP-1013, or "Cockatrice", is an upcoming SCP in SCP: Unity that will be added in an as of yet unannounced update.


SCP-1013 appears to be a small reptile with a distinctly avian head. A wide frill extends from the base of the head, and can be flared out via bony spines radiating through the frill from the neck. The body appears similar to most common reptiles, with the exception of the head and abnormally long tail. While the main body is only 60 centimeters long, the tail is nearly 121 centimeters and exceptionally flexible. SCP-1013 has been observed to use this tail to trip and distract large prey. The head of SCP-1013 is distinctive, appearing to be that of a male chicken on first viewing. However, SCP-1013 does not possess any standard avian markers, besides the superficial resemblance. The beak is serrated, and appears to possess very basic, needle-like teeth. These are used only in feeding, and are not used in any way to hunt prey. The head also lacks any feathers, and has an enlarged wattle.

SCP-1013 hunts by projecting a form of unknown radiation, wave or memetic force into prey items making eye contact with SCP-1013. Subjects report a sudden stabbing pain in most major muscle groups, with full paralysis setting in within three seconds. This paralysis continues for eight minutes, with full recovery after ten. Paralyzed subjects are then bitten, beginning the calcification process. Research in to this effect is ongoing, as no form of venom or viral agents have been detected from this bite, however this contact will initiate a rapid change in cellular structure in the bitten subject. The outer skin tissues will begin a rapid calcification, growing very dense and inflexible over several minutes. This will extend from the point of contact outward across the body, and can calcify a human being in fifteen minutes. Subjects recovering from paralysis mid-calcification report the feeling as “extremely painful”, with a “burning numbness” in fully calcified areas. This calcification extends approximately three centimeters in to the body, leaving most internal tissues undisturbed. Calcification does not appear to affect the eyes, mouth, nose or other major mucus membranes. There is no currently known way to reverse this process.


SCP-1013 is not currently in-game

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