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The plot of SCP: Unity is still in the works. The Player is a D-class personnel, working in ARC-Site 48. The game begins an unknown amount of time after the breach occurs, at which point the player wakes up from being knocked out by an as of yet unknown force.

Plot Outline[edit | edit source]

Beginning[edit | edit source]

Circa 30 years in the future, the Player is a D-class personnel assigned to ARC-Site 48. Sometime during this stay, a breach occurs. There are currently no details to what happens here. Sometime during this, the player is knocked out in SCP-173's containment chamber. An unknown amount of time after the breach, the player awakes and the game begins.

There is currently no plot after this, as how and why the player has gotten to where they are has not been revealed yet and there are currently no major story-based goals to work towards.

Possible Plot Elements[edit | edit source]

  • In SCP-173's article, it states, "SCP-173 doesn’t seem to target unconscious or incapacitated individuals". This implies that the player could've been assigned to SCP-173 prior to the breach, and was saved from death by being knocked unconscious.