SCP: Unity Wiki

Keys are items which allow certain areas, items, or object functions to be unlocked. Keys can take the form of actual keys, keycards, keycodes, passcodes, and other similar means to keep access to certain things restricted. Currently, all keys are stored in the Keys section of the inventory, where they cannot be dropped and do not contribute to inventory total and thus due not inhibit the collection of other items.

Types of Keys[]


Keycards can be used by clicking the RFID scanner next to certain doors. Locked doors which do not possess a scanner next to them, like the tesla gate office door, must be unlocked another way.

Security Office Key[]


The Security Office Key is a keycard which grants access to the Security Office. It is found in the Skyroom Cafeteria/Lounge.

SCP-131 Key[]


The SCP-131 Key is a keycard which grants access to the SCP-131 Containment Chamber. Using it allows SCP-131 to begin wandering. It is found in the Security Office.


Passcodes are used when the player clicks "ok" on a prompt requesting that passcode. If the player does not possess the passcode, this will fail. Currently, passcodes are not typed in in any way. Possession of the passcode is all that is required.

Security Admin Passcode[]

The Security Admin Passcode is a passcode which allows the monitor in the Security Office to be used to control several aspects of the Tesla Gates. It is found in Secure Storage SL3-A.


  • Several level 1 keycards used to be found throughout the game. These were only props which reference the game SCP: Containment Breach. To avoid confusion, they were removed.