Core Room

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Core Room
CoreRoom 4.png
Light Containment Zone
Connecting the Light Containment Zone

The Core Room is a massive room in the Light Containment Zone. It connects the entire zone together and is currently the largest room in the game.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Core Room is a massive room located in the center of the Light Containment Zone. The room has two main areas; an outer ring filled with props and entrances to several room clusters, and an inner area with several benches, plants, decorative fountains, and a central elevator permitting transit between the three sublevels. Currently, the Core Room is the only room to be a part of multiple sublevels and the only method to move between sublevels. Currently, no SCPs can spawn in this room, though many can be led in.

On Sublevel 2, after the player enters the Core Room from the Lobby, music will begin playing. If the player enters the central area of the Core Room, the lights will initially be out. The lights will slowly turn on as orchestral music plays, revealing the elevator. The Sublevel 2 Core Room currently connects to 3 room clusters: One which contains SCP-173's Containment Chamber and SCP-650's Containment Chamber, one which contains SCP-914's Containment Chamber, SCP-1499's Containment Chamber, and Secure Storage SL2-A, and one which contains SCP-1762's Containment Chamber, SCP-131's Containment Chamber, and Patron Offices.

The central elevator starts on Sublevel 3, requiring it to be called up to Sublevel 2 for it to be used. There is a dead body found within the central area. Rubble and bullet holes can be found around the room, as well as plants which have been removed from their pot. The Sublevel 3 Core Room currently connects to 2 room clusters: One which contains Secure Storage SL3-A and the Machine Hallway, and one which contains Packaging/Logistics Storage, Expansion Zone SL3-A, and the Auxiliary Containment Chamber. In front of the cluster containing Secure Storage SL3-A is a note which pertains to the location of admin security codes found in Secure Storage SL3-A.

The central area of the Sublevel 1 Core Room contains the Core Room's primary light source. The Sublevel 1 Core Room currently connects to 2 room clusters: One which contains Archival Storage SL1-A and Patron Offices and one which contains the Skyroom Cafeteria/Lounge and the Security Office.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Core Room had been in development for more than a year and several versions before it debuted in Version 0.7.0. This update, named "The CORE Update" was named after the Core Room.

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