SCP: Unity Wiki

This page is a list of all console commands in the game and what each one does.


Command Name Description
ActivateAnniversaryMode No effect
DebugMode The combined effects of NoClip and Sanic
DespawnRoamingEntity Despawns the specified entity
DisableCutscenes Disables cutscenes such as the intro animation
DisableDebugLight Disables light debugger
DisableHud Disables the HUD
DisableRoamer Disables the specified entity
DoObjective Does the specified objective (doesn't appear to work, only plays the "objective complete" sound no matter what is input)
EnableAllRoamers Enables all roaming entities
EnableCutscenes Enables cutscenes
EnableDebugLight Enables light debugger
EnableHud Enables the HUD
EnableRoamer Enables the specified entity
GameStats Displays the player's name and the game's seed
string GetEnumValues Unknown
GodMode Makes the player immune to damage
Heal Heals the player the specified amount
Help Unknown
Kill Kills the player
ListEntities Lists all spawnable entities
ListGamestateFlags Lists all gamestates
ListItems Lists all spawnable items
ListRoamers Lists all roamers
ListRooms Lists all rooms in the current zone
NoClip Allows the player to fly and pass through walls
Sanic Greatly boosts the player's sprint speed
SetGamestateFlag Sets the specified gamestate to true or false depending on the inputted number (does not appear to work currently)
SpawnRoamingEntity Spawns the specified entity
SpawnRoamingEntityHere Spawns the specified entity
SpawnItem Spawns the specified item
SpawnItems Spawns a specified number of a specified item
TeleportToRoom Teleports the player to a specified room
ToggleFog Toggles Fog

Entity List[]

Entity Code
SCP-106 scp106
SCP-173 scp173

Gamestate Flag List[]

Gamestate Flag Effect
auxVentsOnline Activates vents in Vent Room
650active Allows SCP-650 to wander
983done Prevents SCP-983 from activating due to the event being considered completed
warehouseDoorsUnlocked No effect, likely corresponds to a scrapped feature in the Storage Area that existed in patron builds but never made it to full release
131freed Allows SCP-131 to wander
teslaGatesTurnedOff Prevents tesla gates from shocking
teslaOfficesOpened Makes tesla offices accesible
teslaGateOvercharged Activates tesla gate overcharge mode
securityOfficeHasElevatedPermissions Allows the player to turn overcharge on and off
1176active Makes the game consider 1176 active on the player

Item List[]

Item Code
SCP-173 Document SCP173Doc
SCP-1048-A Incident Report IR-SCP1048A
Battery (removed item, will fall through floor when spawned) Battery
SCP-079 Document SCP079Doc
SCP-096 Document SCP096Doc
SCP-682 Document SCP682Doc
SCP-939 Document SCP-939Doc
SCP-966 Document SCP-966 Document
SCP-1048 Document SCP1048Doc
SCP-012 Document SCP012Doc
SCP-914 Notice Document 914NoticeDoc
SCP-372 Document SCP372Doc
SCP-330 Document SCP330Doc
SCP-714 Document SCP714Doc
SCP-1499 Document SCP1499Doc
SCP-500 Document SCP500Doc
Note concerning SCP-553 553Note
SCP-178 Document SCP178Doc
Note concerning SCP-939 939Note
Note concerning SCP-553's temporary containment chamber CaveNote2
SCP-553 Document SCP553Doc
Flamingo Duck Flamingo Duck
Duckument Duckument
Red SCP-330 Candy RedCandy
Yellow SCP-330 Candy YellowCandy
Blue SCP-330 Candy BlueCandy
Small Scrap Small scrap
Medium Scrap Medium scrap
Large Scrap LargeScrap
SCP-207 SCP207
Large Duck LargeDuck
Regular SCP-983 Candy RegularCandy
Glowing SCP-983 Candy GlowingCandy
SCP-1079 SCP1079
SCP-178 SCP178
SCP-714 SCP714
Very Fine SCP-330 Candy VeryFineCandy01
Fine SCP-330 Candy FineCandy01
SCP-207 Document SCP207Doc
SCP-169 Document SCP169Doc
SCP-983 Document SCP983Doc
SCP-1079 Document SCP1079Doc
Patron Offices Document PatreonOfficeDocument
SCP-500 SCP500
SCP-169 Diagram SCP169Doc2
SCP-131 keycard SCP131Key
Empty Argon Canister EmptyArgonCanister
Argon Canister ArgonCanister
Helium Canister HeliumCanister
Hydrogen Canister HydrogenCanister
H2O Canister H2OCanister
Oxygen Canister OxygenCanister
Empty H2O Canister EmptyH2OCanister
Neon Canister NeonCanister
Corrupted Canister CorruptedCanister
SCP-1762 Document SCP1762Doc
Duckument 2 Duckument2
Medical Hypo HealthHypo
Bandages Bandage
Large Bandages LargeBandage
Strong Hypo UltraHypo
Security Office Keycard SecurityOfficeKey
Security Admin Passcode SecurityAdminPasscode
SCP-131 Document SCP131Doc
SCP-650 Document SCP650Doc
Security Memo 1 SecurityMemo1
Security Memo 2 SecurityMemo2
SCP-131 Security Memo SCP131SecurityMemo
Pink Pickle PatronItemPickle
SCP-1176 Document SCP1176Doc

Room List[]

NOTE: This section will only list prominent rooms. If you need to teleport to a minor room, use the ListRooms command to find it

Room Code
Elevators Archives
Secure Storage SL3-A SecureStorage2
Skyroom skyroom
Restrooms LCZBathroomHallway
Tesla Hallway TeslaHallway2
SCP-1762's Containment Chamber SCP1762C
Secure Storage SL2-A SecureStorage
SCP-1499's Containment Chamber SCP1499C
SCP-650's Containment Chamber SCP650C
Deconamination Checkpoint DecontaminationCheckpoint
SCP-173's Containment Chamber SCP173C
Patron Offices (SL2) SL2PatronOffice
Patron Offices (SL1) SL1PatronOffice
SCP-914's Containment Chamber SCP914C
Expansion Zone SL3-A Rockroom
Machine Hallway SL3MachineHallway
Packaging/Logistics Storage SL3HallwayWithVent
Auxiliary Containment Chamber SCP1176C
Lobby SL2LobbyHallway
Security Office SL1SecurityOffice